“For fans of Sevdaliza or Kelli Ali, the mystical melancholy takes an abrupt twist once the trip-hop kicks in.”

IMAINA is a Belgian-Bolivian singer-songwriter, creative, and bruja. Her music, which can be described as melancholic electropop, channels the sounds and the energies of Sevdaliza, Dillon, Lana Del Rey and Emma Junaro. The self-taught artist shares an interesting fusion of aerial electronic sounds, hip-hop-ish drums, lush textures, and poetic and honest lyrics in English and Spanish. 

After releasing her singles I’m Yours, Piel Canela and Glass Box, grabbing media attention in Belgium and Bolivia, she has dropped her debut EP Wounds in February 2021.

Described as a mysterious artist with a velvet voice and a bewitching presence, IMAINA takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions with her music. Melancholic but with the intention to push through the darkness, her tracks are a true cinematic experience.